Relay Separators

separator pic01 150Is your existing Trim Removal System at or over capacity?  You don't need to start all over or replace your existing Separator with a bigger one.  You can add a Relay Separator to your existing system and gain extra capacity.  We remove a few trim systems that are going into the existing separator and re-route them to the Relay Separator.  We then add your new trim systems to the Relay Separator.  We add a Relay Trim System Blower under the Relay Separator and route it back to your existing separator and pipe it into one of the inlets we cleared on the Main Separator. This way you can keep using your existing baler.  The only additional cost for extra capacity is the size of the Relay Separator that you need.  The beauty of it is that the Relay Separator can also be placed anywhere in the plant and not necessarily in the baler room.  The Relay Separator can be in the form of any of our Separators including the Cyclone, TangentAir® or Classifier®.  A Plug Detector also comes standard with the Relay Separator.

separator pic02 150

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